Sunday, December 2, 2012

New beginnings

Resolutions. Yes, I have set many of them but have rarely achieved any. This year has certainly been a year of closure and new beginnings. Some, if not all, were late closures but nonetheless closures. These have opened many opportunities, challenges and change.

The biggest change has been officially living the single life. Definitely not a bad thing. It was a long time coming and many prayers later the right time came and here I am, starting fresh and wouldn't have it any other way. Then there is work. I now work 45 minutes away, on a good day, and that's quite alright with me. I now have a superb supervisor who reminds me so much of my former boss and now friend, Magda. Everyone in the new office is so nice and cheerful all the time which made the transition so much easier.

And the biggest "new beginning" has been me. I've started working out and trying my best to eat clean and in the first month I lost 12 pounds. Doesn't seem like much but that is pretty huge for me.  I've joined a gym and that is pretty "whoa baby" and even more because I've stuck to my guns and go three to four days a week right after work, tired or not I workout. I have goals and aspirations and for once I think I'm going to achieve them, all of them. I took a Body Sculpting Aerobics class two weeks ago and completely looked like an idiot and damn near quit, but didn't. A few people around me stopped working out to help me out and motivated me. It was a pretty amazing moment. Instead of laughing they helped me. With that said I have made a promise to myself to attend each and every class until I master it. I love aerobics! When I was a gym bum, many moons ago, I took class every other day and worked out Monday-Friday so I know I can do this, I got this. I'm shockingly motivated and focused. I feel great. I'm far from my goal but I'm encouraged and motivated. As of today I have lost 18 pounds and I'm quite proud of myself.

After two months of not seeing all of my collegues yesterday we had a meeting and their reaction when I walked in the door was pretty amazing! Many of them literally had their mouth open and had pretty huge smiles on their face. Their reactions, "WOW Lucy what are you doing?", "You look so different. What are you doing?" and my favorite, "You're not eating chips or drinking soda? That's crazy!" LOL yeah its seems crazy but I don't miss it. I know I lost weight and can absolutely feel it in my clothes but did not by any means think it was that noticeable. Some even said my entire persona was different more vibrant and glowing. Let's just say they haven't seen me walk out of the gym looking a hot mess, like some of my friends have, because if they did I'm sure they'd have a change of opinion. Lol

Any way I'm sharing this specific journey, 10 day Juicing Fast, because I'm just about ready to try anything that is good for me without jacking up my liver aka taking pills or meds that kind of thing. My coworker mentioned a documentary "Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead" on Tuesday and I didn't get a change to see it until Thursday night. I had a stressful week and really didn't want to layout on the sofa after hours of sitting and a couple hours at the gym but I figured I'd give it a go. Let me say I am so glad I did. Today, Saturday December 1, 2012 right after work I zoomed over to the store and got myself a juicer and all the veggies/fruits needed for a 10 day Juicing Fast. I'm telling you after seeing that documentary don't be surprised if you do the same thing. What I'll be doing is every night for the next ten days share what my experience was like be it emotions, break downs, trials ... whatever I'm sharing it. I'm also taking a before picture and sharing that at the 10 day mark with an after picture. I honestly don't expect a miracle to take place in 10 days because all this curvaciousness didn't happen in 10 days. hahaha. If I can handle 10 days I'm going for a whole 30 day juicing fast. We'll see how this journey unfolds. Ok, that's it I'll cut it short because I can go on and on and this post will never end.

Good luck to all who are starting a regimen and if you are looking for a start- THIS IS IT.  Don't wait for tomorrow to start something you can start today.

Good luck on your journey and until the next post...
LEA Lumiere
[I am not a professional in nutrition or health related topics. Oh, and sorry for any typos I didn't proofread:D]

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