Thursday, May 31, 2012

May Birchbox: CWs Gossip Girl

I know - I know we're only hours away from the month of June and here I am just getting around to sharing my May Birchbox. By the way have you visited their
website yet or become a member?

At any rate lets move right along with the contents of this here little box-o-surprises.

I must say I love the box cover. Do you watch Gossip Girl? I'm totally guilty of not watching it. I've heard of the show via commercials and such but haven't seen an episode.

LEA Lumiere

Here we have the lovely tissue paper wrapping our goodies.

LEA Lumiere 

I must say this is by far the best box I've gotten!
LEA Lumiere 

Alright so here are my two cents on each item:

Bvlgari - Omnia Cystalline de Toilette Spray- YUM! This is by far my favorite ever!
I LOVE IT! Its soft, clean, crisp, sexy, seductive and flat out delightful.
I must add this to my collection.

Color Club - Clambake Coral- I am loving these Color Club polishes. They last an
insanely long time. This color is perfect to use at this exact time of the season.
This polish doesn't need a top coat because it has the perfect shine. Love it.

Kiehl's- Abyssine Cream- I don't like the smell but I do like how it works. This tiny
jar has a good amount of product to test for a good two and half weeks. By the way
I used it only around my eye area and I like it. No wonder its a longtime bestseller.

Ojon- Damage Reverse Restorative Conditioner- as with all the Birchbox items this one
was also a like! It left my hair soft and smelling fresh. I may just buy it.

Bonus item is a notecard - its cute and simple nothing fancy. I don't know that I'll
ever use it but hey I may just use it as a book marker.

And here is the description card of all the samples included and the prices just incase you
want to buy them.
LEA Lumiere

That's all folks ... until the next post!
LEA Lumiere

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Belated April Birchbox Post

Hello my darlings! I'm a day late and a dollar short with this post. Nonetheless I will share my April Birchbox items. Check them out.

As with my first Birchbox the inside was nicely decorated with tissue paper and
all items were nicely wrapped.
LEA Lumiere

Here is a close up of all the items.
LEA Lumiere 

And here is a list of all the items with a description and price just incase
you want to try them out for yourself.
LEA Lumiere

My thougths on each items go a little something like this...

Benta Berry G-1 Exfoliating Facial Cleanser - indeed this cleanser is creamy and softly exfoliates. My skin was left soft and I must admit it was quite "bright".

Pangea Organic Lip Balm - I love everything about this lip balm with the exception of the smell. WOW it sure is a strong "in your face" smell. It does wear off after a while but for the time you can smell it - I really don't like it. Otherwise it does leave my lips soft, soft and soft.

Weleda- Pomegranate Firming Day Cream - this felt no different than my day time Olay face cream/lotion. In my opinion for something to make a noticeable difference a tiny sample doesn't do it. This one was enough for a two day use and this one here made my skin feel soft all day long.

Wonderstruck Taylor Swift - I love some Taylor Swift songs but not so much this perfume. I'm not much for strong smelling perfumes. Perhaps after the day progresses the smell will not be so strong and I'll end up liking it - perhaps I shall try all the sample again? I'll toss it in my purse just incase I walk out of the house without perfume.

Beauty Extras - both items were good for the one time use. My opinion again for me to see/feel a difference I'd have to use it more than once. For this one use facial scrub and eye cream - its was nice.

That's my two cents on this here belated Birchbox treat. By the way I got my sister, Pattie, into Birchbox and she says its a montly treat and nice way to sample items you wouldn't otherwise sample. I couldn't agree more.

Until the next post,
LEA Lumiere
*This is not a sponsor blog post. I paid for the monthly membership with my own money. These are my opinions and thoughts of items received.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

No Chip Nails

Hello there glad you can join me. Shall I get to the nitty gritty of this post? Is that a yes? Well then lets carry on shall we? I've heard so much about the no chip nails when I get my nails done that I figured why not do some research first.

I found several reviews on this product and thought "hhhmm why not try it for myself?" So, off I go and purchased Nailene SensatioNail starter kit. I saw something similar at Ulta and figured this was pretty much the same concept.
LEA Lumiere

Before I show you the end results just look at my horrible nails. The things that happen when I don't put enough time into my nails.
LEA Lumiere

Ok, moving right along. I unpolished my nails and lightly buffed the nail bed.
[Let me say I was so mad when I broke my nail. ugh]
LEA Lumiere

This is all included in the box o' goodies.
LEA Lumiere

Here is a close up of the little bottles.
LEA Lumiere

This is how my nails turned out.
 LEA LumiereLEA LumiereLEA Lumiere

Not to shabby. However, after a week and a half this is what happened to my nails.
LEA LumiereLEA Lumiere

Sad. So sad. The nail color looked dull. And my index finger nail broke [my car door came right at me and by impulse I put my hand out to catch the door. aahh, finger nail bent all the way back -insert scream here- OUCH!]

My over all opinion of this products is ...
Although it seems pretty simple when you read the instructions it really is a time consuming process. Shall I say "for me" it was a time consuming process? The removal process was an even bigger pain in the neck. Soaking with 100% acetone for 45 plus minutes and using my nail drill didn't make me a happy camper.

Would I use this product again?
Possibly. But only because I didn't save my receipt and I can't return the darn thing. I must add that I used another similar product and that one took even longer. eekk.

Conclusion, I will use this product again with the hope that practice makes perfect. I'm a believer.

Now for the questions of the day. Have you used this product? What was your experience?

Until the next post,
LEA Lumiere 
Please note: The items mentioned in this post were purchased by me. In no way, shape or form have I been compensated for this review. Nailene doesn't even know who I am... yet.