Monday, December 17, 2012

Juicing Experience Continued

Hi everyone! Let me get right into it ...

Friday, December 7: I juiced today so it was great. However, when the evening came and as no surprise I had a blue moon with an orange, 4 hot chicken wings, a bunch of carrots and celery and a huge glass of water. I must admit that as I was getting ready for my night out I had ..hold on to your seats.. six glasses of wine! I know I have no shame but it was a stressful week at work and I "needed" it. That my friends is my story and I'm sticking to it.

Saturday, December 8: Juiced for breakfast. As previously mentioned today was going to be a food frenzy and I wasn't telling stories. I had four pork meat tacos, small serving of beef stew, small serving of chili, one glass of wine [that I can recall LOL] and some papaya/jalapeno salsa with some chips. Oh, and champurrado. Let me say I paid for this dearly! I walked around the house and at 11:00pm I went for a walk because I was beyond full and extremely uncomfortable. I will not be eating like this for a long time.

Sunday, December 9: I juiced today. Given all the food I ate yesterday I simply had to juice so that I could feel better.

Monday, December 10: Juice for breakfast, lunch and dinner

Tuesday, December 11: Juice for breakfast, lunch and dinner

Wednesday, December 12: Juiced for breakfast, lunch was a salad, plain baked potato and my juice, dinner was juice.

Thursday, December 13: Juice for breakfast, co-worker treated us to a late lunch chicken breast, mash potatoes, cole slaw and a biscuit, dinner was juice.

Friday, December 14: I juiced for breakfast but for lunch we had our holiday party at work and I ate half a chicken breast, small serving of mash potatoes, green beans, 1/2 biscuit, 4oz of eggnog and a 7-up because I knew my tum tum was going to feel wacky. Ah, I had a small slice of chocolate turtle cheese cake, four peachie-O's and 4 gummy worms. [hands in face] I know, I know. Dinner was a juice but the evening brought on more wine!

Saturday, December 15: Juice, juice and more juice. Today was a good day.

Sunday, December 16: Juice, juice and more juice. Today was good but I must admit I got hungry! I ate a slice of Ezeqiel (?) bread and a wedge of cheese, calorie intake wasn't bad at all. Not so bad.

Monday, December 17: Not a super day. Breakfast champurrado (mexican hot chocolate type drink), lunch ham sandwich, dinner glass of milk and plain mexican bread. As I type this up its 9:30pm and I feel like a stuffed turkey. I need to workout, double time for sure tomorrow.

I've determined I cannot fully take on this juicing business just yet. Therefore I will have all the Mean Green Juice ingredients on hand and juice as often as possible but will not limit myself nor beat myself up if I don't keep up 100% with juicing. I still workout but this particular week was not good we worked twelve hours a day and I was much to tired to workout. Except for Thursday I was exhausted but had the urge to workout so I did from 8:30 - 10:00pm. I felt great after my workout. We shall see what this week brings.

How has your journey gone thus far?

Until the next post
P.S.: I didn't spell check so pardon misspelled words and/or fragment or run on sentences. LOL at least I'm honest.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Juicing Fast

Hello people of the blogosphere. I've already started my juice fast and will get to my experience shortly but first this is what you'll need 

6 kale leaves
4 celery Stalks
1 cucumber
2 green apples
1/2 lemon
1 piece of ginger (thumb size or to taste)

I didn't peel anything of the above just washed them really well. I also did not take pictures but I will eventually. This is my experience...

Day 1: Sunday, December 2nd
I'm sick and had a late start to my day. Had my first juice at 12:30pm, worked out from 2-4pm and had my second juice at about 5pm. At this point my body has tried to fight this darn cold and I suppose working out and minimal food consumption is taking a toll because I had a horrible headache. I took 2 headache pills and felt better shortly after. However, I also got super duper hungry and didn't anticipate hanging out at my friends house too late so I didn't take my third juice! Yikes. I ended up eating a small bowl of wheat pasta, small scoop of mashed potatoes and a small piece of turkey.  Yes, I goofed up day one. I'll try again tomorrow.

Day 2: Monday, December 3rd
I woke up late! Which means today is a total bust because you absolutely must be prepared. I think I had a salad today - I don't remember but I know its not fast food because I've been good in that respect. Oh, and I worked out today.

Day 3: Tuesday, December 4th
Great start! Woohoo! I took my juicer and everything I needed to the office. I had all three of my juices but I also had some fruits and veggies so it wasn't just the juice. As far as I'm concerned I still didn't do bad just not 100% juicing. Didn't workout today.

Day 4: Wednesday, December 5th
Another great day! I had my three servings of juice but also had a small garden salad (lettuce, tomato and carrots with half squeezed orange for taste) I also had a baked potato with sea salt and black pepper. Not so bad right? Well that was until my work day got out of control with so much audit crap! Stressful times! So, what does a stressed out person do? Get a call from another stressed out friend go out for beer, pizza and cheese fries! Oh hot darn it I fudged up. [Sigh] Oh well I'll get back at it tomorrow.

Day 5: Thursday, December 6th
Had a terrible night! I haven't fully recovered from this darn cold, flu, cough whatever it is and got about two hours of sleep. Didn't work today - I slept in until midday then I got up because I had a dentist appointment. I had a green apple at 2pm and didn't have anything else to eat NO BUENO! In my defense my juicer and blender are at work! Darn it! ? No juicing for that reason. I visited my parents and nephew shows up with pizza! AHHHH. PIZZA is my downfall. I had 1/3 a slice of pizza at 7pm and that was it. I didn't work out today either. [deep sigh]

As you can see juicing isn't easy. Actually let me rephrase and say juicing itself is easy for me specially during work hours. Its what happens after work hours that messes me up. I mean I'm not having a large pizza or anything but still its sets me off track. You really have to outline at what time you will have your juice and what you plan on doing during the evening hours. For me the evening hours are a killer. I've actually removed all food from my casa with the exception of juicing ingredients. Considering my horrible eating habits from three months ago this is pretty damn good ... although it really isn't.

We'll see what Friday brings - I already know the evening will be a bust as I'm going out to celebrate a bday with my girlfriends so beer, chicken wings and cake will be gobbled up. Saturday I'm hanging out again -boxing night -Pacman vs Marquez [I think] so that means beer & wine will be involved plus I know my sister is cooking my all time favorite pozole and my bro in law is making chili! aahh darn this is so difficult. [hands in my face] Nonetheless I am not giving up. I may not be hard core with the juice just yet but I am totally into doing things better than before. Its a start and I'm happy with that.

Have you tried juicing before? What was your experience like?

Until the next post ... Lucy

Sunday, December 2, 2012

New beginnings

Resolutions. Yes, I have set many of them but have rarely achieved any. This year has certainly been a year of closure and new beginnings. Some, if not all, were late closures but nonetheless closures. These have opened many opportunities, challenges and change.

The biggest change has been officially living the single life. Definitely not a bad thing. It was a long time coming and many prayers later the right time came and here I am, starting fresh and wouldn't have it any other way. Then there is work. I now work 45 minutes away, on a good day, and that's quite alright with me. I now have a superb supervisor who reminds me so much of my former boss and now friend, Magda. Everyone in the new office is so nice and cheerful all the time which made the transition so much easier.

And the biggest "new beginning" has been me. I've started working out and trying my best to eat clean and in the first month I lost 12 pounds. Doesn't seem like much but that is pretty huge for me.  I've joined a gym and that is pretty "whoa baby" and even more because I've stuck to my guns and go three to four days a week right after work, tired or not I workout. I have goals and aspirations and for once I think I'm going to achieve them, all of them. I took a Body Sculpting Aerobics class two weeks ago and completely looked like an idiot and damn near quit, but didn't. A few people around me stopped working out to help me out and motivated me. It was a pretty amazing moment. Instead of laughing they helped me. With that said I have made a promise to myself to attend each and every class until I master it. I love aerobics! When I was a gym bum, many moons ago, I took class every other day and worked out Monday-Friday so I know I can do this, I got this. I'm shockingly motivated and focused. I feel great. I'm far from my goal but I'm encouraged and motivated. As of today I have lost 18 pounds and I'm quite proud of myself.

After two months of not seeing all of my collegues yesterday we had a meeting and their reaction when I walked in the door was pretty amazing! Many of them literally had their mouth open and had pretty huge smiles on their face. Their reactions, "WOW Lucy what are you doing?", "You look so different. What are you doing?" and my favorite, "You're not eating chips or drinking soda? That's crazy!" LOL yeah its seems crazy but I don't miss it. I know I lost weight and can absolutely feel it in my clothes but did not by any means think it was that noticeable. Some even said my entire persona was different more vibrant and glowing. Let's just say they haven't seen me walk out of the gym looking a hot mess, like some of my friends have, because if they did I'm sure they'd have a change of opinion. Lol

Any way I'm sharing this specific journey, 10 day Juicing Fast, because I'm just about ready to try anything that is good for me without jacking up my liver aka taking pills or meds that kind of thing. My coworker mentioned a documentary "Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead" on Tuesday and I didn't get a change to see it until Thursday night. I had a stressful week and really didn't want to layout on the sofa after hours of sitting and a couple hours at the gym but I figured I'd give it a go. Let me say I am so glad I did. Today, Saturday December 1, 2012 right after work I zoomed over to the store and got myself a juicer and all the veggies/fruits needed for a 10 day Juicing Fast. I'm telling you after seeing that documentary don't be surprised if you do the same thing. What I'll be doing is every night for the next ten days share what my experience was like be it emotions, break downs, trials ... whatever I'm sharing it. I'm also taking a before picture and sharing that at the 10 day mark with an after picture. I honestly don't expect a miracle to take place in 10 days because all this curvaciousness didn't happen in 10 days. hahaha. If I can handle 10 days I'm going for a whole 30 day juicing fast. We'll see how this journey unfolds. Ok, that's it I'll cut it short because I can go on and on and this post will never end.

Good luck to all who are starting a regimen and if you are looking for a start- THIS IS IT.  Don't wait for tomorrow to start something you can start today.

Good luck on your journey and until the next post...
LEA Lumiere
[I am not a professional in nutrition or health related topics. Oh, and sorry for any typos I didn't proofread:D]