Monday, December 17, 2012

Juicing Experience Continued

Hi everyone! Let me get right into it ...

Friday, December 7: I juiced today so it was great. However, when the evening came and as no surprise I had a blue moon with an orange, 4 hot chicken wings, a bunch of carrots and celery and a huge glass of water. I must admit that as I was getting ready for my night out I had ..hold on to your seats.. six glasses of wine! I know I have no shame but it was a stressful week at work and I "needed" it. That my friends is my story and I'm sticking to it.

Saturday, December 8: Juiced for breakfast. As previously mentioned today was going to be a food frenzy and I wasn't telling stories. I had four pork meat tacos, small serving of beef stew, small serving of chili, one glass of wine [that I can recall LOL] and some papaya/jalapeno salsa with some chips. Oh, and champurrado. Let me say I paid for this dearly! I walked around the house and at 11:00pm I went for a walk because I was beyond full and extremely uncomfortable. I will not be eating like this for a long time.

Sunday, December 9: I juiced today. Given all the food I ate yesterday I simply had to juice so that I could feel better.

Monday, December 10: Juice for breakfast, lunch and dinner

Tuesday, December 11: Juice for breakfast, lunch and dinner

Wednesday, December 12: Juiced for breakfast, lunch was a salad, plain baked potato and my juice, dinner was juice.

Thursday, December 13: Juice for breakfast, co-worker treated us to a late lunch chicken breast, mash potatoes, cole slaw and a biscuit, dinner was juice.

Friday, December 14: I juiced for breakfast but for lunch we had our holiday party at work and I ate half a chicken breast, small serving of mash potatoes, green beans, 1/2 biscuit, 4oz of eggnog and a 7-up because I knew my tum tum was going to feel wacky. Ah, I had a small slice of chocolate turtle cheese cake, four peachie-O's and 4 gummy worms. [hands in face] I know, I know. Dinner was a juice but the evening brought on more wine!

Saturday, December 15: Juice, juice and more juice. Today was a good day.

Sunday, December 16: Juice, juice and more juice. Today was good but I must admit I got hungry! I ate a slice of Ezeqiel (?) bread and a wedge of cheese, calorie intake wasn't bad at all. Not so bad.

Monday, December 17: Not a super day. Breakfast champurrado (mexican hot chocolate type drink), lunch ham sandwich, dinner glass of milk and plain mexican bread. As I type this up its 9:30pm and I feel like a stuffed turkey. I need to workout, double time for sure tomorrow.

I've determined I cannot fully take on this juicing business just yet. Therefore I will have all the Mean Green Juice ingredients on hand and juice as often as possible but will not limit myself nor beat myself up if I don't keep up 100% with juicing. I still workout but this particular week was not good we worked twelve hours a day and I was much to tired to workout. Except for Thursday I was exhausted but had the urge to workout so I did from 8:30 - 10:00pm. I felt great after my workout. We shall see what this week brings.

How has your journey gone thus far?

Until the next post
P.S.: I didn't spell check so pardon misspelled words and/or fragment or run on sentences. LOL at least I'm honest.


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