Monday, November 5, 2012


Holy guacamole! I have been gone for how many months? Wow I didn't think it was that long. Well hopefully this will be the last time I stay away from my blog for such a length of time.  So, what have I been up to you ask? A bunch of nothing that has certainly kept me busy.

For starters I have been working full time, you know that insane thing some of us call work. Yeah, pretty sad.  I pretty much work more than an eight hour shift everyday without any compensation. Stinks royal butt and management of course takes advantage with the whole "You are paid salary so do what you have to do to get the job done." attitude. Ugh [That's a story for another post. Ha.] After work believe it or not I am working out. Yikes, me in a gym almost everyday. I know its almost unreal. I'm glad to report that in this past month I've lost 12 pounds! Yay me. I have a ways to go but hey I'm not complaining. It sure has been a battle with myself on the "Don't even think about eating that!", "Oh, it will take me three hours on the treadmill to burn those calories" and of course "Oh way not I'll get back on track tomorrow." And last but absolutely not least I'm keeping busy with my weekend gig ya' know that awesome thing I love called doing other peoples makeup and making them looks super duper awesome for their special day. I love it.

Other than that my day is pretty blah, boring and in need of some social life sprucing up. But I'm sure in due time that will happen. I suppose this is just part of the reintegration into single life, I don't know. At any rate I know I haven't shared any of my monthly Birchbox items recieved partly because I'm do darn lazy or tired to snap pictures, upload to picture database, upload them to my blog and of course type my life away. I'm on the computer all day and to be honest this was another task and not a joy. Sad, but true. BUT fear not I've just slapped myself silly and came back to reality. Ok, maybe not literally.

At any rate I want to show case my niece Miranda's art work. She draws pretty wicked awesome sketches and recently started the transition into painting. I must say she has done pretty amazing pieces. I fully intend on asking for her permission to post them here on my blog for everyone to see in the near future. Miranda actually surprised me a few days ago with the below painting. I happened to mention that I would love it if she would paint an eye with some kind of really out there eyeshadow for my little makeup room.

 Low and behold she presented me with this piece of art....

LEA Lumiere

It is fabulous! I love it. I completely intend on creating a real makeup look inspired by her painting. Oh, and don't you know like any good artist she said "This is for you. Now pay up buddy." she giggled and said just kidding immediately after. Naturally I fully intend on contributing to the cause - after all the kid has to start somewhere and I'm sure she has gotten paid a pretty good penny for her skills.

That's it for now. I'll be sharing my latest Birchbox, bling bling items recently won for hosting a party and hopefully I'll take the time this week to recreate my painting into a real makeup look. Keep an "eye" out for it =)

Until the next post...

LEA Lumiere

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