Tuesday, August 30, 2011

My First Sewing Machine

That's right my friends I have a sewing machine. YAY! The last time I used a sewing machine I made some curtains for my friends bedroom and that was years ago. It isn't rocket science so they turned out quite well. Oh and it was a borrowed sewing machine so its not like it was available when I wanted-- boo!

I was doing some shopping with my mom and I mentioned my interest in purchasing a new little toy aka a sewing machine. Mom mentioned she had seen a cute one at Target that I may like because it wasn't for major sewing tasks. So, after our day of shopping Target was our last stop. We almost left because we couldn't find it but thankfully a super nice sales clerk from the electronics department pointed out the exact location. Next thing you know the cute little sewing machine was in my shopping cart.

Here it is--

What do you think? I know its not as awesome as other sewing machines I saw on display but for the time being it will do the job. I don't plan on sewing up a storm as of yet but we'll see what I come up with.

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