Monday, September 5, 2011

What's On The "Menu"?

Hola! Hope everyone enjoyed their Labor Day weekend-- I sure did because I'm on vacation (from work not because I actually am some place other than home.)  Keep an eye on my blog I have great stuff that will be posted (hopefully once a day) -woohoo! 

What's on the posting "menu" you ask? Well how about ...

- How to make Puerto Rican rice (posted)
- How to make a sunburst mirror out of a cereal box (to be posted)
- Making a dated foot rest ... cute (posted)
- Before and After of a nightstand (posted)
- How to "clean" up those ugly leaks when ya' go spray paint happy (to be posted)
- TrueBlood "Bill Compton" inspired living room/office curtains (to be posted)

Feuf! That's quite a bit of stuff I'm going to be sharing so please do come around more often. 

Until the next post

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