Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Twice In One Day?!

Yeah I know twice in one day who does that? Oh yeah I do  -ha-
Alright lets hop right into it ... the reason I am posting again is just to share some of the DIY projects I've done in the past week or so. Want to see them?  Is that a yes? Well alrighty then lets get started.

Once upon a time (8 years ago) I purchased a huge mirror with a gold frame at none other than Family Dollar for $15.00.  "Goldie" as I'll call the mirror has been through war and back and has even been wounded in battle (aka moving).   Fear not my friends Goldie has for ever been changed!  It is amazing what a little primer and spray paint can do I tell you ... look at Goldie now ...

Lea Lumieré

And a close up of Goldie

LEA Lumiere

Last week in a far far away place where lost treasures can be found (Goodwill) I came across this lost and ever so lonely little fella "Chair" and his friend "Table".  I walked around them more than once thinking "What can I do to help these little fellas?" Instantly I thought "Take them before some else does I'll figure the rest out later!"

Fast forward to this week "Chair" has taken a fresh coat of paint and new cushion fabric. However, "Table" has only been primed. Stay tuned for the big reveal of "Table". Check out "Chair's" transformation below.  Let me know what you think.

LEA Lumiere

You can totally see the beautiful details of  "Chair" now.

LEA Lumiere

This one is not so much of a dramatic change. I took some picture frames from my parents house gave them a fresh coat of white spray paint and turned them into new frames. These frames althought pretty dated have beautiful details. My mom insisted on spending money to have four matching white frames but I insisted and spoke of my mad skills! Let's be real new pretty frames are expensive.  I'd say this little project saved approximately $40-50.00.  And all with a $4.00 + tax can of spray paint!

LEA Lumiere

LEA Lumiere

Ok, seriously this is the last post of the day! I may complete "Table" and some small projects tonight and share tomorrow. Stay tuned! 

I'm off and headed yet again to the movies for a screening of "Smurfs"! I'm so excited! Since I saw the previews I knew I just had to watch it. I watched Smurfs cartoons all the time as a kid so having them now years later come back and in a movie form is totally awesome!

Until the next post...

LEA Lumiere

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