Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Hello World 'tis I

Hello and welcome to day one of my blog! I'm so excited to get this thing started and learning refreshing on all this blogging business which is actually pretty exciting.  So, take it easy on me I know I'm going to misspell many words (is there a spell check on blogger?) LOL --

Let me start with the basics who, what, when and where ...

Who am I going to blog about?
Me of course! ;) I'm a Freelance Makeup Artist. I'm a crafty person with a new found 'ambition' in DIY Projects courtesy of all these wonderful ladies in Blog land (Blogger) who have mad skills and are kind enough to share their passion with the world. I figured what the heck why not give it a go.

What am I going to blog about?
Anything. Everything. Nada.  The intention is to share some DIY projects past and present and perhaps random makeup related stuff. At the same time if I decide to share other random things I will. Those random things could be about my day, a project I'm working on or want to work on, Makeup basically anything ;)

When did I start bloggin?
To be honest I've had this blog for a while but hadn't done a thing with it until now.

Where will I be bloggin?
Hm, I suppose any where.

Here is a picture of my first DIY project I purchased some vanity fixtures from Menards,  extension cord and dimmer and voila! Studio light!

Until the next post ...

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