Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas Wreath

Hello everyone. Pardon my lack of appearance on my blog there has been quite a bit going on. Nonetheless I managed to squeeze in sometime to make my very first Christmas wreath.

This is what you will need:
1 sheet of felt in red and white (craft store for .29 each)
1 plain wreath (dollar store find)
1 rope of garland (dollar store find)
1 pack of bunched decoration (dollar store find 2/pack)
Glue sticks & hot glue gun (on hand)
Scissors (on hand)

I made some white and red felt flowers. Here are the white flowers...
LEA Lumiere

I wrapped the garland around the plain wreath making sure none of it was exposed. Before I glued anything onto the garland I placed the flowers and decorations in various angles to make sure I'd like the arrangment.  

 This is what I came up with...
LEA Lumiere

LEA Lumiere

LEA Lumiere    LEA Lumiere
Until the next post,
LEA Lumiere
It is nice and simple. By no means the fanciest of wreaths but it did the trick.


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