Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Review: Maybelline Waterproof Volum'Express Mascara

Hello! How are you doing? So, this post contains a product review but I have a mini-novel to share before getting to the post. Feel free to scroll down to the picture area to skip my novel =)

This past Sunday I spent the day with my little sister Pattie and my niece Suzzi "The Bride To Be". Suzzi weds this August and I've been given the honor of doing her hair and makeup. I'm so excited, nervous, anxious and sad all at once. How can that be? Let me just say she is the eldest of the nieces in our small family and the first of the nieces to get married. Really, I believe the realization that she is no longer that chubby little baby, that little kid that wanted to hang out with me the bossy auntie or as she calls me "the super cool auntie". She's a working professional for crying out loud!  [whoa chocking up here].

Ok, let me get back on track Pattie, Suzzi and I went to a little boutique in Chicago that has the most amazing accessories to pick up a hair brooch. We went to this very boutique last year when Pattie got married to pick up some accessories so it was only fitting to return.

In that boutique there was a lovely assistant, whos name slips my mind, she had the most amazing lashes! I thought they were lash extensions thats how beautifully long, full and dark they looked. Pattie, Suzzi and I have been faithful to a mascara we get when visiting Mexico and that's because we haven't found a comparable mascara in the States. I told this lovely assistant "Your lashes are so beautiful. What mascara do you use or are they extensions?" She gracefully replied "Thank you thats so nice of you. These are my lashes and I use Mabelline Express mascara in a blue tube." That was enough for me to try it. So, fast forward to Sunday night I make a quick trip to the store and picked up a mascara to test it out for myself.

Three days of use SOLD me on this mascara. Check out the pictures for yourself.

This is how the packaging looks:
LEA Lumiere LEA Lumiere
LEA LumiereLEA Lumiere
My clean uncurled lashes - excuse the eyebrows its not quite time for threading just yet.
LEA Lumiere LEA Lumiere

Clean and curled lashes
LEA Lumiere LEA Lumiere

Here is one coat of mascara:
LEA Lumiere LEA Lumiere

Two coats on top lashes and one coat on bottom lashes.
LEA Lumiere LEA Lumiere

The following was on day two of testing, after 10 hours of use and after crying.
[I saw The Great Glory- an absolutely amazing movie based on a true story. Google the trailer then go watch the movie.]
LEA Lumiere LEA Lumiere

I've tried so many high and low price mascaras and hadn't found one to beat my beloved Mexican mascara. That is until this mascara. I can assure you I will no longer use any other mascara! I love this mascara!!! LOVE IT! <3  This mascara passed my ultimate test of curl endurance, no smudge/transfer and lives upto their 3xs volume.

Have you used this mascara? Do you like it? What are your thoughts about it?

Until the next post,
LEA Lumiere


  1. Oh yes! I have to try it. Mascara and I have a love hate relationship. I love it and it hates me back. Hopefully this mascara will fulfill my mascara dreams. ;-)

    1. I hope so too! Let me tell you last week in Chicago the heat and humidity was horrible and it did absolutely nothing [enter insane cheer] to my mascara --woohoo!


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