Saturday, June 9, 2012

Hemming A Panel Without Sewing

Here is a quick tutorial on how to hem a panel without a sewing machine.
Hope you find it useful.

To start off I measured an inch for the hem. Ok, maybe I didn't measure it with a measuring tape. I cheated I tell you I cheated!
LEA Lumiere

I'm being honest. This picture tells the truth and nothing but the truth. I basically used one of those iron on hem strips and used it as a measuring guide then secured it with pins all the way across.
[As pictured above and below.]
LEA Lumiere

LEA Lumiere

Next, get the iron warmed up and start ironing between the pins and across the hem area. LEA Lumiere

You'll notice the iron on strip hanging out - go ahead and cut the strip right at the edge of the panel and iron over the edge.
LEA Lumiere

Now you can remove the pins and give the hem a good ironing. You are all done! Here is a finished look of the hem without the need to sew.
LEA Lumiere 

Hope you find this post useful.
Until the next post,
LEA Lumiere

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