Monday, November 28, 2011

Cheddar Cheese Penne

I cooked again! Boy oh boy what is really going on!?  I saw another post by Kate from The Small Things Blog where she made homemade Mac 'n Cheese. And well that just looked too yummy to not try making. Its really easy how on earth can I kill it, right? 
{you should check out her page its pretty awesome! She has hair tutorials, cooking tutorial, DIYs and she has an ETSY Shop-tell her I mentioned her page!} 

Well here I was at home thinking of what to whip up for dinner when I remember Kate's receipe! Brilliant! But not so much because I didn't have elbow noodles, darn. But I did have penne, yay!

Here's what I used:

LEA Lumiere
{Friends, the piece of counter you see is my working space! Yeah, pretty sad. So, please don't complain about the massive space you have and say its not enough.}

Moving right along...
Half box of Barilla penne pasta
2 cups of mild cheddar cheese
I can't believe its not butter
1 cup milk (not pictured)

{Oven: 375 degrees}

Confession time: I don't cook! Well at least not often since its only me I find cooking for one is rather boring, eh! So I don't have many cooking pots, pans or bakeware only the basics.

Ok, moving along... again LOL

I cooked the penne al dente and now I'll be adding a layer into my caldera (oven safe pot) just enough to cover the bottom. Now sprinkle a little salt and pepper {do so after each layer of penne}

LEA Lumiere

And now add as much cheddar cheese as you like. I only made two layers so the next layer looked the same.

LEA Lumiere

Now add the butter and milk then placed in oven for about 40 minutes. Leave longer if you want the top to be extra crispy.  {Seems like huge pieces of butter but it really wasn't -I don't like butter too much, ek.)}

LEA Lumiere

This is how it looked straight outta' the oven.
LEA Lumiere

And this is how it looked on my plate! Yum. Not bad for my first attempt.
LEA Lumiere

Until the next post,
LEA Lumiere

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