Monday, October 3, 2011

What's With The Blog Name?

This my friends is the question of the day.  "Wanna hear it? Well here it go" -- my name is Luz Elena yeah a simple name that tends to get massacred.  So, I keep it simple by using Luz and even still that isn't good enough.

"How do you pronounce that?" you ask yourself -- well its quite simple actually -- let's say the word "Lucy" out loud. Now let's say "Lucy" without the "e" sound.  And there you go that is the way you sound out my three letter first name Luz.

Now pronounce Elena which sounds like this "eh-leh-nah-That's pretty simple right? Yep, that's my whole name Luz Elena. Although in the American culture Elena is considered my middle name in the Mexican culture Luz Elena is my name period! No middle name just plain old fashion Luz Elena. And yes, I'm Mexican-American born and raised in the windy city.
Any way I figured I'd use my initials LEA in the blog title. Now, in spanish "luz" means "light" and if you translate "light" in French it is "Lumieré". 

And so the title for this humble blog was created "LEA Lumieré". I'm still trying to figure out what I want to add as an underline sentence to break down what my blog is about. I have no clue as of now. I'd like it to be catchy but not corny. And eventually have a super cute blog like the ones many popular bloggers have-- that's my goal.

And here is a picture of me Luz Elena aka Lucy -- I don't always look like this (hahaha) its a head shot I took with my pooh-pee quality cell phone camera in which my makeup and hair are done and it is the perfect camera angle hahaha.  I normally have my thick, frizzy, curly, wavy, kinky hair down and a bit of makeup to help contour my round face.

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